Talent upon talent. All the artists are creating new work especially for Grok's 'En Avant' There'll be things to see soon, but for now here's a little something they made earlier...


Thomas Traum is the tabula rasa art and design alias of Thomas Eberwein. Straight out of college he spent 4 years as a designer at Hi-ReS! London working on projects which won numerous awards such as a Cannes Cyber Lion Gold, found himself nominated for a BAFTA, Webby Awards and D&AD pencils as well as starting Digital Club.

While working as Digital Club he was part of Creative Review's 'Creative Futures' program and worked for clients such as Sony Bravia, MTV, Damien Hirst and Nokia.



Simon Elliott of Ahh… Arts Igniting Minds is the lead artist and Creative Producer of Future Menagerie, working in collaboration with Shaun O’Connor from Prickimage and Mehmet Akten aka Memo. He was shortlisted to create an artwork for London to celebrate the Olympic Games in 2012 and is currently developing Carlos Acosta Premieres at the ENO Coliseum with Shaun from Prickimage and Mehmet Akten aka Memo. Simon and his team are also creating THE HILL a proposal for the Olympic Park post games.

Shaun O’Connor from PRICKIMAGE is a VJ and video artist, resident at Fabric with WYS, & travelling London & Europe’s festivals & prime venues. Collaborating with Ahh... Arts Igniting Minds, Noise of Art & Caron Geary.

Mehmet Akten aka MEMO is a visual artist, musician and interaction designer with a focus on creating emotional and memorable experiences. Using programming as his primary artist’s tool, he develops technology to create new instruments and explore alternative ways of performing visuals and sound.





Artist Oscar Carlson graduated with a BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martin's and currently has a student residency at Städelschule in Frankfurt.

Oscar has shown work extensively in Europe and has worked with the likes of Martin Creed and Alexander Hassenpflug.

He will be creating an exclusive digital sound piece for this Grok Institute event.



MIRRORCUBE are the combined talents of Per Bojsen-Moller (music producer, journalist, scholar) of Little White Earbuds and Andrew McPhee, founder of Grok Institute, Apps and Digital Innovation company Harmonypark and recipient of the 2010 Webby People's Voice Award for NetArt (as voted on by 700,000 art and industry people worldwide) for the BBC Blast Studio at the Southbank centre.

Soon to be releasing their own stripped-back dance floor productions to a club near you, after hearing them play at Dalston Roof Gardens, or Dalston Sunday Club, the general consensus is that they're one of the best new talents in London "hands down".

They have a groupie. They used to have two, but let's not go there. They also share the management of a cat, and she's pretty cute too. It’s all about the meitze these days.




After building up a DJ reputation in ¨Parisian underground circles, doing parties with Jef K, Chloé, Alexkid and Ivan Smagghe, Tim Paris teamed up with Jef K to help him develop the now infamous Crack & Speed label.

Working the dancefloor whilst developing his skills in the studio, Tim Paris had his first breakthrough with the remix of a rock tune called “Future Now” , which was then picked up by Ralph Lawson’s 2020 Vision label and became one of the biggest underground tunes of 2004. From there on in Tim Paris hasn’t stopped and continues to release quality tracks and remixes that are praised by the most discerning DJs.

Now based in London, Tim Paris started in 2005 his own label - again with Jef K – by the name of Marketing and is considered by DJs and press alike as one to watch in a (very) near future.



Not only founder of Grok Institute, writer and magazine editor, Jean-Robert Saintil is also an internationally renowned DJ. Having played most of the larger festivals and clubs worldwide he will also be releasing his first EP, ‘Kitten On A Hot Tin Roof’ in the autumn.

He's also become a much requested speaker having recently been a panelist on discussions of digital art, new media and the commodification of the self for the likes of $ex$umeri$m @ Holster Projects and has an upcoming talk at Van Horbourg Gallery during 2010's ART BASEL Art Fair.